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Standing in the world to improve hardware industry in China shows three trends

author :admin release ::2013-08-28
With the development of our country's position in the world, more and more countries in the world began to use the Chinese hardware product, to a certain extent to stimulate the development of China's hardware products. As one of the world's hardware production big country, and gradually become the world's largest metal processing and exporting countries, China has a vast market potential and consumption. With the development of society and economy, stainless steel hardware industry will also be showing a new trend in the new situation.
Building materials industry analysts pointed out that there are three major trends in the development of China's hardware industry:
A: in recent years, with the continuous development of the economy, stainless steel hardware tools industry in China has gradually become the main force in the world hardware tool industry.
Some developed countries especially developing countries in Africa, Middle East demand for hardware tools to more than 10% annual rate of increase.
The two is: the international market on the domestic hardware products will gradually change, will have higher requirements for China's product quality, packaging, delivery time, and even gradually extended to the R & D and production processes and products, products with environmental protection, energy resources, combine the human environment. But the huge market and center of gravity, will further attract hardware Multi-National Corporation manufacturing center is moving to china.
The three is: with growing global competition, in order to improve the competitiveness, the industrial capital into the industry a major theme running.
According to the "2012-2016 China's hardware building materials market survey report" shows: in promoting the green five times, energy-saving, intelligent product is popular, only the keen insight into the development trend of the industry to allow enterprises to take a solid long-term.
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